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Free Download PC Game : Arevan The Bitter Truth [portable]

The story: Arevan is an adventure RPG with an original storyline, enjoyable features and interesting game play.
Mysterious murders are taking place in various kingdoms. Solemaun, the king of Arevan, decides to start a covert investigation with other world rulers. By his order, Prince Maurean, his son, sets off on a journey to discover the identity of the murderer and any ulterior motives he may have. Travel with Maurean as he makes his way through challenging puzzles, gut-wrenching monsters, and intriguing side quests (Where is Harry Potter?).
Join him and his adventuresome companions as they explore pyramids, battle mummies, rescue underwater mermaids and many other exciting events. There will be many shocking revelations for our hero until he is forced to face…the most bitter truth.

Key Game Features :
* Story: Original and in-depth story, exploring the many facets of human nature and its idiosyncrasies. Non linear choices throughout the game make it highly replayable and interesting every time you play it.
* Characters: Seven playable characters from different and varied backgrounds are available. The game offers sudden choices and unexpected decisions which controls the life and death of some characters. Your decisions can wipe out some of your party members entirely.
* Skill system: A unique skill system where your party learns a skill or spell only when they consume the skill teaching pills. Acquire unique skills like Steal, Immortality, Nuclear, Inescapable Curse, etc through these skill teaching pills. Characters don’t gain skills on levelling up but acquire skills by using these pills. Each pill can be consumed only once by a team member, so they need to be invested wisely.
* Battles:You have the option to opt out of the boss battles when you lose the fight and proceed with the game. Players who love a challenge will enjoy defeating the bosses while those who are keener on the story can continue the game without the frustration of a continuing battle. The monster encounters are all visible and the battles feature a front-view and turn-based interface. You also have the option to scan your enemy to take note of its strengths, weaknesses, drops and items which can be stolen!
* Puzzles and minigames: Highly rewarding and challenging puzzles are present only in secret and special dungeons for those who love puzzles. Puzzles include a Football match, Pool, mazes, time management, etc. There is also a ‘Pearl gathering mini game where you collect pearls from Oysters.
* Side Quests: Engaging side quests that make you explore interesting civilizations and enjoy funny incidents.
* Game options: Extra game options include – adjust volume, enable speed walking, disable battle animation, zapping through dialogues. You can also use custom window themes like – Aqua, Strawberry, Oriental, Dark Cloud and Bamboo.
* Additional features: Like single-click menu access from map and character HUD, quest journal, mouse and key board controls, auto-save, in-game help, auto-battle system, enemy scanning function, unlimited save slots and ‘save any-time any-where will perk up your overall gameplay experience.

System Requirements :
* Microsoft(R) Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7.
* PC with 2.0 GHz Intel(R) Pentium(R)4 equivalent or higher processor.
* 512MB of system RAM.
* 1280×1024 or better video resolution.
* 125MB available hard disk space.

Screenshots :
Arevan The Bitter Truth [portable]
Arevan The Bitter Truth [portable]
Arevan The Bitter Truth [portable]

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