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Free Download PC Game : Eternal Eden [portable]

The story of three children living in paradise. Everything is provided for them with one condition: they must not eat from the forbidden tree. Unfortunately, the children give in to temptation and they are thrown into a parallel world of darkness. Can they survive to see paradise again? Follow the journey of three children as they try to save their universe from original sin through two parallel worlds.

Game Features :
  • Fantastic old-school JRPG for PC!
  • Travel in 2 parallel worlds like in Zelda: a Link to the Past!
  • Strong cast of characters!
  • Epic storyline!
  • Tons of puzzles!

System Requirements :
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Download Size: 58 MB

Screenshots :
Eternal Eden [portable]
Eternal Eden [portable]
Eternal Eden [portable]

Link Download :


Nono Lu said...

eternal eden nya yg baru nggak ada ya?

2nd Choices said...

@Nono Lu :
sequelnya berjudul Eternal Eden: Ecclesia, tapi sampe saat ini blum ada info rilisnya kapan bos..

naybelt said...

kok ga bisa di install yah game nya.. RGSS2 Player has stop working .. Pencerahan donk

2nd Choices said...

@naybelt :
barusan kita coba msh bisa kok bos..
ngga perlu diinstal, tinggal klik Eternal Eden [portable].exe langsung game dah jalan..

Fadhel Fadhlullah said...

ini nggak error lagi kan?? dulu gua main dah jauh tapi error