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Free Download PC Game : Starless Umbra [portable]

In Starless Umbra (formerly Dragon Heart), you play as Andoru, a young man, and his best friend Clydan in their merciless quest to find their way home. The two become deeply involved in the drama and affairs of a land completely unknown to them, with every day bringing them both new friends and impervious challenges. What starts as a simple journey into the unknown evolves into a dynamic, emotionally-driven game, full of immersive character development, challenging puzzles, and a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Game Features :
  • Dynamic Running System - Running consumes stamina. Run more to obtain more stamina, participate in races, and win some neat prizes.
  • Cooking System - Purchase foods to make and sell better, more complicated foods as you learn recipes and gather ingredients. Cooking great things requires a lot of practice, money, and devotion to learn and make bigger and better things.
  • Two Skill Learning Archetypes - In Starless Umbra you can learn skills by equipping "Essence" and fighting monsters or adhering "Dysona Gems" to your body. Whichever path you choose, the combinations of skills and attacks are numerous!
  • Rage System - Accumulate enough damage in-battle and your characters will gain new abilities, statistics, and powers.
  • Customizable Character Growth - With a variety of skills, items, weapons, and armor, you can create your own character class or add bonuses to the presupposed ones.
  • Custom Artwork and Music - Amazing art from keifurisu and Original music by eternal_renegade created for Starless Umbra.

Screenshots :
Starless Umbra [portable]
Starless Umbra [portable]
Starless Umbra [portable]

Link Download :