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Free Download PC Game : Ultra Nitro Racers

If you want to experience the vertigo, the speed and the adrenaline of driving in a racing car, you simply have to download Ultra Nitro Racers.
Choose your car, choose the racing track and fight for the first place. For the winners of every track there are a lot of points that can be converted to better equipped and better prepared cars.
In Ultra Nitro Racers you can compete against other drivers or play against the clock. To win in this second game mode you must know the racing tracks well, for every second you waste counts against you.
And if driving at 200 km/h and taking curves at 100 km/h is not enough, activate your car’s “nitro” to get an advantage over your opponents and to have better chances of winning the race.
If you aren’t convinced yet, you should download Ultra Nitro Racers right now and enjoy the speed as often as you want.

Game Features :
  • new car physics
  • new game mode
  • Time Attack; you compete with your best result (ghost car)
  • options menu to meet your PC power
  • fullscreen and windowed mode

Minimum System Requirements :
  • CPU Pentium 1500 MHz or higher
  • 512MB RAM
  • Video 64MB or above

Screenshots :

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Link Download :