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Free Download Comic Scan LEGACY OF KAIN Defiance [eng]

The Legacy of Kain: Defiance comic was a comic published by Top Cow as promotion for Legacy of Kain: Defiance . It follows Kain in the minutes before he breaks into the Sarafan Stronghold and re-caps much of the story of the series. Kain is shown battling Sarafan in a field presumably outside the Sarafan Stronghold. He pauses from the slaughter and privately contemplates how he has got to this stage:
He explain the events of the war between the Ancient Vampires and Hylden , The curse of the vampires and how it led to the human seizing the pillars, The formation of the Sarafan brotherhood and their murder of Janos Audron . He moves onto explaining his own death and resurrection, his quest to restore the pillars as scourge of the circle and his decision at the end of Blood Omen.

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