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Free Download PC Game : Tankya's Adventures The Curse of Zoltar [portable]

Tankya’s Adventure: The Curse of Zoltar Is a cartoon adventure indie game, featuring elements of platform games and shooters. A colourful and exciting journey where players pit steel fists against dark voodoo magic across beautiful landscapes in order to save the island. Play as Tankya, a young pirate girl who has been born with a unique gift; the ability to talk to Steel. She can only talk to steel, as Gold is too snobby and Iron is too boring. Tankya lives on a tropical paradise, enjoying her days in lazy bliss. However, little does she know – deep in the jungle, from the great monkey temple of Ouzumarogaza, a dark magic is growing that threatens to change everything.

Game Features :
  • Explore 5 beautiful levels.
  • Defeat powerful and dynamic bosses.
  • Use your steel powers to form fists, shields, cannon balls, and many more.
  • Solve puzzles.
  • Personalise your game experience.
  • Old School Adventure game style.
  • Discover secrets.
  • Unique story with interesting characters.
  • Custom soundtrack.
  • Top your high score with points, highest combos and monkeys freed.
  • Vivid Low poly cartoon style with hand-painted textures.

Screenshots :

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Link Download :